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CBD for Pets: What’s the deal?

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Humans and pets alike could potentially benefit from incorporating a high-quality CBD-infused supplement into their daily health regimen. While especially beneficial for senior pets and those with pre-existing conditions, these therapeutics could additionally act as a preventative therapy for pets of all ages. This article will discuss how cannabidiol (CBD) oil demonstrates promise for various conditions and disorders that could positively affect your furry companion. 

How Does CBD Work?

All cannabinoids, including CBD, attribute their many effects to their complicated relationship with our endogenous endocannabinoid system (ECS). [1] Responsible for a host of crucial biological functions, the ECS is tasked with maintaining a constant state of homeostasis within the body. CBD and all other cannabinoids influence and activate (either directly or indirectly) sophisticated receptors within the ECS. 

Endocannabinoid systems are not at all unique strictly to humans. All animals possess endocannabinoid systems, including vertebrates (birds, mammals, fish, and reptiles) and invertebrates (leeches, nematodes, sea urchins, mussels, and others). [2]  

CBD for Pets

While CBD-focused pet studies remain drastically understudied, evidence gathered thus far has yielded promising results. Despite widespread anecdotes from happy pet owners, much more in-depth analysis is required before researchers can adequately substantiate any CBD-related health claim in both human and animal models.

CBD for Pets: The Stigma Continues

Many veterinarians across the country remain hesitant regarding CBD as a possible approach to various conditions and disorders. This reluctancy could be for a variety of factors, such as:

  • Fear of recommending CBD due to its prior classification as an illegal substance.
  • Unaware of its research-supported potential and first-hand testimonials from within the veterinarian community.
  • Lack of available research, especially in household pets.

Fortunately, highly promising studies, combined with mounting anecdotal evidence, are beginning to sway many veterinarians’ opinions regarding CBD as a potential novel treatment for their patients. 

What Do Veterinarians Think?

Many certified veterinarians have embraced CBD and have become steadfast advocates for animal-friendly prescriptions. Lauren Beaird, DVM, for instance, comfortably prescribes full-spectrum hemp oil along with a quality diet to help manage pets prone to seizures. 

According to Dr. Beaird, “I have several pets that benefit from full-spectrum hemp oil that are suffering from arthritis, cognitive decline, anxiety, and even cancer.” Beaird also administers CBD to her dog at home to help manage separation and noise phobias. “While hemp may not be a cure-all, it is always part of my treatment plan recommendations for pets with any chronic illness or inflammatory disorder,” Dr. Beaird says. [3]

Other veterinarians, such as Dr. Paul Rowan, assert that CBD oil is a useful supplement in reducing seizure activity in his patients. He additionally claims that CBD oil appears to reduce the spread of cancer and tumor growth significantly. [4] Dr. Rowan now suggests CBD to nearly all of his patients as a part of their treatment plans. 

Finally, Cornell University conducted a study that determined traditionally prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs did not demonstrate adequate efficacy to manage pain associated with various conditions and disorders. Alternatively, CBD appears to help manage pain stemming from osteoarthritis conditions while increasing both comfort and activity. [5]

A Call to Further CBD Pet Studies

These testimonials, as mentioned above, act as a collective call-to-action. It appears as though CBD could make for a novel therapy for our furry companions. However, much more research is required to test the validity of these claims adequately. Perhaps with more in-depth insight and heightened awareness of the possibilities, more veterinarians will be comfortable studying and maybe even recommending CBD to their patients. 

Pet-Friendly CBD Options

Routinely administering CBD to your pet is a simple, straight-forward process. As support for pet-friendly CBD continues to grow, so too will your administration options. Today, the most popular formats include:

  • Treats – CBD-infused pet treats are popular, and perhaps the most convenient way to administer daily doses to your furry companion(s). These pre-prepared edibles are pre-measured and take a lot of the guesswork out of determining proper dose strength.

Tinctures This oil-based format is ideal for almost immediate absorption. However, administering a tincture could prove challenging, if not impossible for some. In this event, try applying some CBD oil to your pet’s favorite treat or dinner dish.

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